31st MaY 1990
cEdAr GiRlS
14..GOING ON TO 15
HaTeR Of MaTh AhD ScIeNcE
hiStOry LoVeR

brand new handphone
a bright 2005

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i will never forget
the days we once had.

the days when u were
everything to me.

my mind used to tell me tat
we'd be together forever.

but now i realize tat was
all a big dream.

which makes my heart shatter`
into a milli0n pieces.

i sometimes wonder if y0u,
still thhink of me
am i jus a face in the crowd.

i wish so very much dat one day
we can have it all back.
but for now, i sit here silently
remembering all the memories we once shared.

hoping dat one day u
will feel the same and
put back the pieces of my

broken heart*.

ur existence is wad makes
now. if love is painful and
tortures us so..
why do we love? why is it
all we search for in life?
this pain, this agony?
wat is it all we long for?
this torture,this powerful
death of self?
maybe because its love

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